What is Mindful Change Life Coaching?

Mindful Change Life Coaching is a partnership of empowerment that supports clients in making mindful changes in their lives by becoming aware of what and why they desire specific changes.

Mindful Change Coaches guide clients to make changes from a centered mindful space that empowers them and transforms their lives. It is not about trying to fix something, but rather making choices from mindfulness that liberate clients and enhance their confidence and faith in themselves.

Mindful change life coaches guide clients in first becoming aware of what they want to change and why. Then they encourage clients to take conscious action based on awareness to make those changes in their lives.

The mindful change coaching process helps clients:

  • Set long term and short term goals
  • Become aware of their thought process
  • Set up action plans to make the changes they desire in their lives
  • Take action to achieve their goals
  • Monitor progress in attaining goals
  • Develop strategies to utilize strengths most effectively
  • Get focused, to create momentum to move forward
  • Celebrate personal and professional achievements
  • Look at obstacles that cause them to feel “stuck” in certain areas of their lives
  • Overcome mental and emotional blocks
  • Transform self-defeating behavioral patterns
  • Maximize potential in every area of life
  • Increase self-confidence and belief in themselves
  • Achieve desired outcomes
  • Fulfill dreams

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