"Abhik is kind, empathetic, and compassionate. These qualities of his have helped me upgrade by helping me make a shift in mental models. I enjoy the conversations I have had with him, as they always provide great insight."

Michael Shapiro, LMT, BCSI, PhD Student, Saybrook University


"As a physician who is familiar with the guidance and services provided by Yudaguru, I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to live a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy life."

Prabu Selvam, MD


"This is absolutely who I would recommend to anyone looking for help on their journey. Abhik is a kind, generous soul, with a glowing smile and ready laughter, who truly cares about helping others."

Heather Anne Walter


"Abhik just has a way about him. During my toughest times, he was there to listen, without judgement, and somehow, always have me walking away with newly instilled positivity. As a medical student and future physician, I get a unique view into how care and compassion can be provided with artistry and love - Abhik has perfected this craft. I give Abhik and YUDAGURU a glowing review, without any hesitation."

Anik Saha, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania


"Credible, reliable, innovative and efficient. There is a special connection that Abhik makes with his clients that is lacking in the clinical field of mental health. This connection is absolutely necessary and effective and is the simple complete understanding of empathy!"

Naiem Reza